Grand Junction Amends Smoking Ordinance

With a new state statute regarding smoking in place, Grand Junction City Council members tweak the city's smoking ordinance.
Grand Junction did adopt an ordinance in October 2005 and began enforcing it this year, regulating smoking in public places.
Recently, Governor Bill Owens signed legislation enacting the Colorado Clean Indoor Act, which involves further restrictions.
The state legislation trumps the city ordinance which stated that smoking would be allowed indoors and in designated areas, therefore, City Council members simply reworked the ordinance to comply with the newly enacted legislation.
Because the state–based legislation was deemed a matter of state–wide concern, Grand Junction City Council members have no sway to either adopt or denounce the ordinance, the city must simply comply.
The new ordinance that will go into effect next month restricts smoking in most indoor public places, including bars and restaurants, but excludes casinos.
According to City Attorney John Shaver, this is just another phase of a continuously changing Grand Junction ordinance that is nearly 30 years old.
The statute has met with some resistance from business owners from throughout the state, however, come July 1, every business under the umbrella of the ordinance will have to comply.