Mesa County Releases Health Survey Results

The results of the latest health survey of Mesa County residents are out. The last such assessment was made in 2002 and this is the fourth study in 12 years. The study shows one in six adults in Mesa County have been affected by their own or someone else's methamphetamine use. Other drug related questions included the use of alcohol and tobacco. The report shows one out of five people reported smoking cigarettes. However, three quarters of Mesa County residents do not smoke. Other areas that tend to be lacking compared to our national counterparts is skin and prostate cancer screening as well as cholesterol screening. When it comes to injury and violence, the proportion of homes with children and guns is higher here than seen nationally and proportionally adults are more likely to have been a victim of a violent crime. Health professionals agree the study can be used to improve the health and well being of residents. The telephone assessment conducted by Professional Research Consultants Incorporated randomly surveyed a thousand Mesa County adults between December 2005 and January 2006. Participants represent each of the zip codes that make up Mesa County. To view all the results of this survey you can access it on the web at