Grand Mesa Muzzleloaders Camp Out At Glade Park

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The Grand Mesa Muzzleloaders camped out at Glade Park this weekend for their 22nd Annual Rendezvous.

The group camped, dressed like mountain men, and of course- did lots of primitive shooting.

For the Grand Mesa Muzzleloaders, the muzzle loading hobby takes them back in time. There are no electronics, watches; just the good company and the beautiful outdoors.

Muzzle loading is where the gun is loaded from the muzzle end. Modern guns are loaded from the rear end. The entire load goes down the barrel from the muzzle.

The Flint and Percussion rifles were used in the Revolutionary War. And of course, they require more patience then a 20th century gun.

Throughout the weekend, the group competes by shooting at different targets. The targets included tin cans, bamboo, and a red target more then 125 yards away.

But aside from all the shooting, the group just enjoys being outdoors and dressing up. The weekend also included a knife and tomahawk throwing contest, and mountain man demonstrations and cooking.