Day Two Of Eaton Trial

It's day two of trial for a homeless man facing rape and kidnapping charges, and while there is a defendant- the victim is no where to be found. Trained investigators have been unable to locate the alleged victim, but today the District Attorney's Office went forward with their case calling a slew of witnesses to testify in the kidnapping and rape case of Merle Eaton. The woman who says she was sexually assaulted by Eaton ran into the business of Great New Homes off of I-70 Business Loop shortly after she says she was attacked.
Three witnesses called by the DA were all working at Great New Homes when she apparently came in distraught asking them to call 911. One witness also stated that the alleged victim told her that she had been picked up by a man in a red van as she was trying to hitch–hike back home to Illinois. She also said she had been hit in the face and raped on a dirt road before escaping. The 911 Dispatcher who took the woman's call was also testified in court, and District Attorney Pete Haughtzinger played a recording of the call to jurors. Merle Eaton is charged with three counts of sexual assault, menacing, and third degree assault.
The trial will resume tomorrow morning and closing statements in this case are expected by Thursday. This is the first time the District Attorney's Office has prosecuted someone for a sexual assault case without the victim.