"Baraktober Fest" Local Dems React

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Democrats in Mesa County came together Tuesday Night to see how their candidate handled the town hall style debate for what local democrats dubbed Baraktober Fest.

Many at the democratic viewing party echoed one sentiment about the senator from Illinois, they say "we desperately need a change of venue in this country." While the candidates disagree on issues from the war to health care and how to handle the economic crisis.

One Obama supporter said he was glad the candidates avoid using rhetoric and other tactics used last week in the Vice Presidential debate; he says, "thank god we haven't had any of the cutesy business that we had last week with the VP debate, like you know who, miss winky, blinky and nod."

These people say they want answers about the issues that matter to them, namely the economy, one young voter says he’s worried about his money and his job. An older voter agrees saying he’s worried about his retirement. Obama supporters tonight said that they were nervous before the debate and were pleased with his preparedness and his stance on issues.

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