McCain, Obama Clash Over Causes, Trade Barbs

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., and Republican presidential candidate Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., wave to the audience before the start of the townhall-style presidential debate at Belmont University. (AP)
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Nashville, Tenn. (AP) John McCain dismissed Barack Obama as “that one,” while Obama mocked McCain's “Straight Talk Express.”

Those were just two moments in a debate that saw the candidates go back and forth in deriding each other's statements and policies.

Each did his best to pin much of the blame for the ongoing economic collapse on the other.

McCain also unveiled a new proposal, saying if elected he'd order the federal government to spend 300 billion dollars to buy up bad home mortgages. He says that would allow financially strapped homeowners to keep their houses.

Obama bluntly challenged McCain's steadiness on foreign policy. He specifically called out McCain for singing “bomb, bomb Iran,” and also for advocating “the annihilation of north Korea.”

McCain said his rival “was wrong about Iraq and the surge,” and other national security matters.

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