Debate Watchers: No Knockout

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Undated (AP) Whichever candidate they back, Americans who watched Tuesday night's presidential debate seem to agree there were no knockout blows.

Some praised Barack Obama's “vision,” while others were impressed with John McCain's promise of victory in Iraq.

Across the country, voters gathered in school lounges, restaurants, bars and their homes to watch the debate at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee.

The debate did change some minds. One longtime republican in the swing state of Ohio says Obama's performance was enough to push him into the Democrat's column.

Others are sticking with their earlier choice. Mike Kiepke and his wife, Judy, were among a crowd of about 50 patrons gathered at Tom's Tavern in downtown Phoenix, Arizona, cheering on McCain.

It also depended on where people were. McCain was far less popular among a young happy-hour crowd at the 500 club, a storied mission district watering hole in San Francisco, where Obama was the clear favorite.

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