Book Being Made Into Play for Children

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A children's book already in some local schools is getting ready to take the main stage.

Dr. Louis De Palma's love for his mother's food is the inspiration behind his latest children's book.

De Palma says, "You know you go back to my Italian heritage and I remember when I grew up of course at the holidays we over ate. It was that overeating that helped him fill the pages of this book.

De Palma says,"I remember lying on the living room floor being bloated and being in pain and going to momma, momma momma how come I ate your pasta and don't feel so good. Of course momma's wisdom was because you over eat."

Hence the title of the book; "You Take Too-Big-A Bite." The book is about healthy eating and how food reacts in the body and is already in several school libraries. Now plans are being made to turn the book into a play.
Terri Schafer with Showtime Productions says when she read the book she knew she wanted to do the play.

Schafer says, "This book is such a lesson for kids... you hook them in by showing them the message, that you are trying to teach them. I've written some original music for it, we've got some singing, some dancing."

Along with Dr. Luigi Fettuccine there'll be a variety of characters.

"Vega–vitaman and then there is luscious Lolita the fruit girl," says, Schafer naming a few key players. The play is scheduled to debut in November.

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