Zoning Battle Far From Over

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A battle over industrial zoning on the riverfront is far from over. People angry about the city's decision are working to overturn it and Brady Trucking, the business at the center of it all, held a news conference on Wednesday.

The fight surrounds land along the Colorado River near C 1/2 and 27 1/2 roads. It's adjacent to two parks, close to homes and a proposed rec center.

In September, the city voted to let Brady Trucking keep its industrial zoning.

Brady Trucking officials say they've done all they can to work with neighbors, but people unhappy with the decision are gathering signatures to put the question to voters.

"We've really bent over backwards to work with city council and make concessions to city council," Brady Trucking Manager Russ Justice told 11 News on Tuesday.

"We'll let the people decide," said petition supporter Janet Mangoon.

Western Colorado Congress is leading the effort to get 1,860 signatures by October 25th.

Once verified, the petition goes to the city council which can change its decision or put the issue on the April ballot.

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