Colo. Reconsiders Voter Review amidst Questions

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Denver (AP) Colorado is reviewing the way it deals with potentially ineligible voters after questions were raised about whether officials are violating federal law by putting such voters on a “cancel” list within 90 days of the election.

Secretary of State Mike Coffman said today he asked lawyers to determine whether a federal prohibition on “systematic” voter purging so close to the election would apply to Colorado's reviews of voter lists.

Coffman says Colorado's review isn't “systematic” because it's being done by people, not computers. He insisted state elections officials have done nothing wrong. Colorado officials also said listing a voter as “canceled” is not the same as a purge.

But he says the procedure will be reviewed in light of reports in the New York Times and by a watchdog elections group that the procedure is illegal.

Coffman says nearly 2,500 voters may be restored if the procedure violates law.

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