Another Home Destroyed in Delta County Fire

A 240 acre fire threatening homes near Hotchkiss has destroyed another house.

According to Officials, several homes are threatened in the area of P25 road near the Redlands Mesa area. Three homes have been destroyed so far, one of which was abandoned.

Rob Feilder, the Emergency Manager for Delta County says right now, they estimate the fire is 35 percent contained. Previous estimates had put the fire at as much as 75 percent contained because crews were able to put a dozer line around it. But since daylight crews have scaled back that estimate.

Feilder says the weather is favorable right now and if conditions continue, they hope to have the fire out by the end of the day. But if conditions change, the estimate could too.

A ground crew from Buena Vista is on it’s way to help the 5 local agencies currently fighting the fire.

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