Suspect in Fatal Shooting Dead, Police Left with Unanswered Questions

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The Grand Junction Police Department says a young man who killed two people and injured two others during a shooting spree Saturday morning has died from a self-inflicted gun shot wound.

During a press conference Sunday afternoon, officials named 22-year-old Stefan Martin-Urban as the gunman in the fatal shootings that took place on Chestnut Drive.

Police say because of his condition while he was at St. Mary's Hospital, they never got the chance to talk to him before he died -- leaving them will many blanks to fill as they try to piece together why this happened.

"Urban fired more than a dozen shots yesterday, some at close range with a nine millimeter handgun," said Acting Chief Troy Smith of the Grand Junction Police Department.

Police discuss chilling new details Sunday about the weekend shooting spree that left two well known Grand Junction residents dead, and two others injured. It's a horrific event that has left police and a shocked community wondering why.

"At this point we have no connection with him and any of the victims that we're able to establish and our investigation continues in that regard," said Smith.

Police say it's what they've learned about Urban that has led to the confusion. Officials say he moved to Colorado from Los Angeles just seven weeks ago, living with a relative in Lakewood. They say their investigation has revealed he came to Grand Valley as early as 9:45 Friday morning, a day before the shootings took place. Why he was here, officials say, is still a mystery -- but why someone like him would commit such a terrible crime is an even bigger one.

"Stefan did not have a criminal history that we are aware of," said Smith.

Smith says Urban does not have any mental illnesses or drug and alcohol related problems his investigators are aware of, leaving them with little to go on as they try to figure out why the shooting happenend.

"We will continue to use resources from across the state to attempt to figure out any motive that might have been the cause of this horrific event," said Smith.

Officials say officers searched Urban's Lakewood home Saturday night looking for clues. They have also searched the home of victims Dr. Terry Fine and Linda Fine, where the shooting took place.

"I can't release what we seized from that search warrant," said Smith. "But yes, we have collected evidence."

But with Urban dead, police officials admit there's a real possibility their questions will never be answered. They say their only hope may be the Grand Junction community.

"We are asking for the public's help and we are establishing a tip line in this case," said Smith.

Police are asking anyone with information about Urban or what he may have been doing in Mesa County before the shooting to call the tip line at (970) 244-3755. They're also asking anyone who may have seen his green 1998 Honda CRV, with Colorado lisence plates GBT5217, to call them as well.

During Sunday's press conference, police released more details about their investigation. Officials say at the time of the shooting Urban was carrying a canvas bag with extra ammunition and spare magazines. They say he likely reloaded his gun once while he shot at the Fines, Dr. Michael Gallagher and his wife Flo, and a neighbor, Paco Larson, who came to help them.

Officials also say they are working closely with federal ATF agents to figure out where Urban's gun came from.

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