Police Say Suspect May Have Followed Victims, Are Looking for Driver Who May Have Seen Him

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The Grand Junction Police Department says it continues to look into why Stefan Martin-Urban killed two people, then turned the gun on himself. Now, officials are asking for your help to find someone who may help them with their investigation.

"This has been a difficult experience for our community and certainly for our department to work through," said Acting Grand Junction Police Chief Troy Smith.

During a news conference Monday, police officials said they continue to work hard to find out what led to the deaths of Flo Gallagher and Dr. Terry Fine.

"We're certainly trying to figure out why this occurred in our community," said Smith. "That may take some time."

Smith says that is becoming more and more the case, as investigators unravel the details into what happened the days and minutes before the deadly shootings on Chestnut Drive.

Officials say they have learned the man behind the gun, 22-year-old Stefan Martin-Urban, was reported Friday morning by a relative he had been living with in Lakewood. Based on receipts found in the green 1998 Honda CRV he was driving, they know he stopped at a convenience store in the Grand Valley sometime around 9:45 that morning. But then it appears he kept on driving.

"We also found, during that search, a receipt showing that he purchased food from a restaurant in Green River, Utah at eight o'clock Friday night," said Smith.

But by 8:30 Saturday morning, he was back in Grand Junction.

"Certainly it's possible he stayed in his vehicle," said Smith. "We have not been able to confirm that he has stayed anywhere in terms of a motel or anything like that."

Police say at that time, it appears that he may have followed the Dr. Michael Gallagher and his wife Flo from their home, as they drove to go pick up their friends, the Fines, to go on vacation.

"At this time, we do not know why Martin-Urban, our suspect, may have been following them," said Smith.

At some point on that journey, between 8:20am and 8:30am, police say the Gallaghers stopped at the intersection of 27 Road and G Road. They say a person driving a white, four-door pickup truck was also stopped. Officers say the driver waved the Gallaghers through and may have seen Martin-Urban's SUV.

Minutes later, they pulled up in front of the Fines' Chestnut Drive home, where Martin-Urban, who has no prior criminal history, fired at them with a gun he had purchased himself in Lakewood, less than two weeks ago.

Grand Junction police say they want to talk to the driver of that white, four-door pickup truck. They are asking anyone who might know that driver and anyone with information about Martin-Urban or his vehicle to call the special tip line that has been set up for this case. That number is (970) 244-3755. Police say they have received about a dozen tips so far and continue to look for any help anyone can give.

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