Face-to-Face with a Murderer

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One man came face to face with Stefan Martin–Urban just after he shot four people, but because of the on going police investigation; Richie Hahn hasn't been able to talk about what he saw on Saturday morning. But now he's sitting down with 11 NEWS to share his story.

After gun shots shattered the silence of a quiet Grand Junction neighborhood early Saturday morning, Michael Gallagher pulled his silver BMW over on his way to the hospital and pleaded with a jogger for help. That jogger was Richie Hahn and he says Gallagher "stopped when he saw me, rolled his window down and screamed call the police he's trying to kill us."

That's when Hahn says he found himself in the middle of a murder scene that continues to haunt him, "that image of him screaming like that, that shook me to the core, that's what I can't get out of my head."

Hahn says that an instinct to help turned him back towards 26½ Road where he quickly flagged down a sheriff's deputy on his way to work; but when the deputy pulled over next to him, so did Martin–Urban. Hahn says, "I turned and looked at the gentleman in the car and he looked at me and he kept driving; for the grace of god, that sheriff saved my life."

At that point Hahn didn't realize that young man was the murderer and he ran up the street to check on family in that area. That's when he found his dear friend Paco Larson lying in the road bleeding with a gun shot wound to the neck. And Larson was able to identify Martin-Urban as the shooter, "he was very calm, he was matter of fact, it was the kid in the SUV that shot me."

Hahn was able to tell the deputy which way the car went and it wasn't long before police cornered Martin–Urban and he took one more life, his own.
Leaving behind many unanswered questions, questions Hahn hasn't been able to stop asking himself.

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