Sarah Palin Talks Economy, Drilling, and Joe the Plumber During Grand Junction Stump

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Thousands of people descended upon Suplizio Field Monday night to hear Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin speak. She spent the night discussing things like the economy, taxes, and even Joe the Plumber -- all to appeal to Western Slope voters and get them to carry Colorado for the Republican ticket.

Just before 7:00 Monday night, the message went over the PA, "Please welcome the next Vice President of the United States of America, Governor Sarah Palin."

Suplizio Field turned into a sea of signs, pom-poms, and thunderous applause, as Sarah Palin, her family, and country legend Hank Williams Jr. made their way across the catwalk and to the microphone. Once she was settled, the Alaskan Governor wasted no time trying to connect with Western Slope voters.

"It is great to be here in Grand Junction, the home of the Mesa State Mavericks," said Palin. "Let me ask you to root for another team of mavericks. John McCain and I hope that we can count on you on November fourth."

She didn't wasted any time going on the offensive either, attacking Barack Obama's experience and plans for the economy.

"Barack Obama calls that spreading the wealth and Joe Biden calls higher taxes patriotic," said Palin. "But Joe the Plumber said to him it sounded like socialism."

It was certainly Joe the Plumber's night, as the governor used his name multiple times in her speech to explain what she says a McCain administration would do for regular Americans and small business owners.

"We will bring tax relief to every American and every business," said Palin.

Palin says McCain's plan to jump start the economy includes cutting capital gains and business taxes, and doubling the child tax deductions Americans receive. On the national stage, she says they would impose a spending freeze on all non-vital government functions to help pay off our nation's $10 trillion deficit.

"We will balance the federal budget by the end of the first term," said Palin.

Governor Palin also spent a good portion of the time talking about energy policy. In addition to looking at new energy technologies, like clean coal power, she says it's important to find better ways to develop the resources we already have in our land and oceans.

"Safely, responsibly, we will drill here and drill now, for the sake of our nation's security," said Palin.

After her nearly thirty minute long stump, she had one more question for voters.

"Are you ready to send us to Washington to shake things up and clean things up?" said Palin.

Then a final eruption from the crowd as she said "God bless you and God bless America -- thank you."

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