National Lightning Safety Awareness Week

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There were more deaths due to lightning strikes then hurricanes and tornadoes during the last thirty years. This week, its National Lightning Safety Awareness Week, and the National Weather Service of Grand Junction is reminding people with safety tips.

Last year in Colorado, 14 people were struck by lightning, resulting in one death. One of the reasons for the high number is all the outdoor activities in the back country that are offered here in the state. The weather service advises that if you do hike during the active monsoon season that begins in late summer, to start early in the day and to seek shelter if you are caught in a storm.

Also, if you do see lightning, follow the 30-30 rule. The rule is that whenever you see lightning, start counting seconds and if you hear thunder within thirty seconds, you know that the storm is within six miles of you. Also, wait thirty minutes after the last time you hear thunder.

Officials with NOAA also say lightning is responsible for starting half of the wildfires here in Colorado.