Concerns Still Surround Ambulance Service Take-Over

The Grand Junction Fire Department will soon take over all ambulance service in the city, however some city council members still have questions.
In February, Mesa County Commissioners, along with Grand Junction City Council members, authorized the city's fire department to take over all ambulance service in the area, which was previously done by American Medical Response.
The new ambulances have been purchased and the plans are in place, however, with the deadline approaching, council members are still having issues with some aspects of the plan particularly with rate increases for some services.
Some of those concerns were voiced Monday, during the council's bi-weekly meeting.
During the meeting, city council members were given three items, dealing with who would provide ambulance billing and non–emergency dispatch services, along with an ambulance fee schedule.
The first two passed without issue, but several council members raised concerns over the fee schedule, particularly because fees for advanced life support services will increase several hundreds of dollars for patients.
The fire department has mentioned that the expanded service would be in a deficit position for the first several years and with monetary questions still hanging around, fire officials say it's just another hurdle.
Because there was a split vote on the matter, council members will once again raise the issue at the next meeting, however, this should not effect the July 1 implementation date.