Pinnacle Homes Country Jam Gearing Up

Pinnacle Homes Country Jam 2006 is still two days away. But crews are working to the beat to make sure the show hits a high note. The Country Jam Ranch is all a buzz, but it's not quite music to ones ears. This year thousands of country music fans will flock to Mack, Colorado for what some say is the biggest party of the year. To make sure jammers have fun at the ranch preparations are underway. Seats are being set up, The stage is being pieced together, more than 350 port–a–potties are being strategically placed and tents are popping up. In just three days what was a hayfield has been transformed into a small city. It takes more than 600 volunteers to make Country Jam a reality. And while it does demand some long hours under the hot sun.. Most agree the perks are worth it. Some stage hands find themselves hanging out country music stars after the show and some are just in it for the free tickets. This year's attendance is up 25 percent and to keep up with the growing crowd more than 400 seats have been added to the VIP area.

Pinnacle Homes Country Jam kicks off Thursday at 3:45 with a performance from Jay Ketchum and the Texas Moon Band.