NEW: Dashcam Video of Palin Protestors

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You saw it first on 11 News at ten on Monday, chaotic video of police rushing protestors who ran into traffic. Now police have released dashcam video.

This story has made national headlines since we brought it to you Monday night but here in Grand Junction the headlines are only beginning as the police department continues its investigation into the protest.

Dashcam video from a patrol car captures police pouncing on protestors as they rush into traffic.

Taking a look in slow motion you can see officers jump off of their motorcycles to get the protestors out of the road.

Investigators say it's that quick action that kept the situation from turning deadly.

"They took swift appropriate action that may have saved people from getting seriously hurt," Troy Smith, Acting Chief for the Grand Junction Police Department, told 11 News on Tuesday.

Smith says before the motorcade drove down 12th Street officers gave protestors orders on how to protest lawfully and they violated those orders.

"We were inclined to let them stay there. We asked them to stay off of the roadway and out of the street," said Smith.

He says he believes officers showed restraint in pulling the protestors out of the road.

But protestor Mallory Rice says it was hardly restraint.

"I had an officer grab me by my head, my hair, and drag me to the sidewalk. It was terrifying," Rice told 11 News in an interview on Tuesday.

Rice says she and other protestors never meant to put police officers in danger and they were just trying to spread their anti–Palin message.

"With the opportunity of having a national figure in town, civil disobedience is one of the best ways you can get your message across," she told 11 News.

And even though she's now under investigation, she and other protestors feel they did just that.

But the question remains at what consequence and while police say they're happy to let people exercise their first amendment rights,
public safety comes first.

Grand Junction Police say they did not make any arrests on Monday to avoid escalating the conflict.

Now they are looking into criminal action and civil action for any damages to police vehicles.

They are also doing an administrative review, which they say is standard whenever there is a confrontation like this.

The protestors have filed a complaint of excessive force with the police department.

We will continue to follow this story and bring you the very latest.

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