Bowling Alleys In Grand Junction Suffer From Summer Season

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Two bowling alleys with two very different atmospheres. One thing they have in common is they both suffer from the slow summer season.

Bowling means different things to different people. For some, its all about the competition. Freeway Bowl appears to cater to the die–hard, competitive bowlers. GJ Scores, thirty years newer, has more atmosphere and activities that the younger generations enjoy.
Regardless of the different clientele, both bowling alleys have seen a slow down in business since the summer has started. Freeway Bowl has been hit especially hard; their traffic has been slower since GJ Scores opened in November. During the slow summer season, Freeway Bowl cuts its operating hours to just four days a week to help save money.

Whether you are a competitive bowler, or just want to enjoy a social atmospher, in the end it all comes down to bowling a strike.