New Law Will Make Identity Theft A Felony

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It is not a ranking to be proud of, Colorado leads the way in identity theft cases. Part of the problem is that state laws are letting many criminals off the hook, but come Saturday, July 1st, that will all change.

Identity theft discriminates against no one. Here in Colorado, the crime has become prevalent. The state ranks 5th in the nation for identity theft cases.

Because of the prevalent activity, the state government has taken a stronger stance. Saturday, July 1st, identity theft will be a Class Five Felony. It was previously treated as a misdemeanor. The new law will also make prosecuting the crimes much easier, the jurisdiction will be where the victims are, not necessarily where the crime took place.

One of the reasons for the recent increase in identity theft is the Internet. While surfing the web, be careful what information you give out on-line. Also check your mailbox for credit card offers, and shred documents that have personal information. These precautions are necessary to avoid being a victim.

If you want to see if there has been any fraudulent activity under your name, you can get your credit report from one of the three credit bureaus- Equifax, Experian or Trans Union.