Mesa State Hopes To Score Big With Campers

More than 4–thousand young athletes from across the country are spending their summer vacations at Mesa State College. From soccer to baseball to basketball- there are more than 800 campers on campus. For many of them Mesa State is their first glimpse into college life.

Basketball Camp Director Jim Heaps says campers have enjoyed Mesa State's food service and staying in the dorms. Mesa State's basketball camp started 29 years ago, and has grown from hundreds to thousands. President Tim Foster says it's the biggest basketball camp between Denver and Salt Lake City. Heaps says he knows many Mesa State students that at some point or another in their high school career attended one of Mesa's basketball camps.

College officials hope that as campers look to their future they will remember Mesa State College. Some fun facts about MSC Camps: Campers are fed three times a day which amounts to 30 gallons of ranch dressing and 15–hundred eggs a day. Last week campers drank one–thousand gallons worth of sports drinks.