Statewide Smoking Ban Takes Effect Saturday

With the exception of a few public places, smokers in Colorado will no longer be allowed to light up indoors effective July 1st. Business owners and smokers alike are preparing for the change, some taking it better than others. 11 news talked to some of the folks at Boomers bar and restaurant on Main Street in Grand Junction including owner Chet Allen. He says enforcing the ban should not be the job of business owners or their employees, but when the clock strikes midnight that's exactly what they'll be responsible for doing. Otherwise they could face stiff penalties if someone is caught smoking in their establishment. Violating the new Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act is a class two petty offense and both the business owner and the smoker will face fines. It's a $200 fine for the first violation, $300 for the second, and $500 for every violation after that per calendar year.