Wild Horses Looking To Be Adopted

A Colorado non–profit organization is looking for suitable homes for dozens of horses that have been rescued from slaughter.

The 40 horses are from the Sheldon National Wildlife Refuge in northern Nevada and were rounded up in June. The Spanish mustangs are mainly between one and four-years-old and consist of mostly fillies, although there are a few stud colts available.

Flying Ah Ranch Inc. are offering the horses for just $120, but while the adoption fee may seem too good to be true, there's many things to consider before heading out to Fruita to browse the selection. "You have to consider the cost of feed, a place to keep the horse, your vet bills your training bills, so this has to be thought out very carefully, you can't just come down pick up a horse and put it in your backyard," president of Flying Ah Ranch Inc. Carol Martin said.

The horses will be moved from Rimrock Adventures Monday to a local ranch and if you are interested in viewing the animals, contact LaVon Hoffman at 719–221–9077.