Bold Daytime Burglar Nabbed After Crash

A man finds it's not easy to get away with a day–time burglary after he crashes during his escape from Mesa County Deputies.

Just after 10 this morning 911 dispatch received a call that a man was loading items from his neighbor's Whitewater house into a truck. Deputies quickly arrived in the area and spotted the white Toyota on Highway 50.

Driver Shane Johnson turned south onto Highway 141 towards Gateway. Deputies tried to stop the truck, but Johnson sped up and the deputies gave up the chase. He turned onto unpaved Cactus Park road, where he rolled his truck.

Deputies requested an aircraft from the Colorado State Patrol as well as some bloodhounds, but the suspect was found hiding in a gully before those resources arrived.

A number of rifles, shotguns and handguns were taken as well as a boat motor...and oddly enough a shirt–tie and belt. Homeowner Tommy Harmon says he is angry that someone would break into his remote home, but is thankful deputies responded so quickly.

Shane Johnson faces seven different charges including first degree burglary, vehicular eluding and theft.