Candidate Makes Claims Of Dirty Politics

A campaign flyer has one Mesa County political candidate up in arms. Republican State Senate candidate Matt Smith is not happy about a brochure being circulated by Colorado's largest gun rights organization. A spokesperson for Rocky Mountain Gun Owners says the flyer simply points out how Smith voted on gun measures while serving as State Representative. It also portrays Smith as a supporter of democratic candidates at the state and federal levels. Smith held a press conference denouncing the brochure. He says he wants to make it clear that he is not anti–guns, and in fact is a member of the NRA, an avid sportsman and gun collector. He says it's this kind of campaign mud slinging that's against the law in Colorado and he plans to take legal action against the group. Smith plans to take up the matter with the Colorado Attorney Generals Office and is asking members of the public to come forward with any of the paper work being distributed by these types of lobbying groups. Rocky Mountain Gun Owners says it has a team of attorneys standing by if Smith wants to go to court.