Colorado River Proves Dangerous This Time Of Year

The summer season is just underway, and already we've seen just how dangerous the waters of the Colorado River can be. When a group of friends set out to float the Colorado River Tuesday they thought they were in for some fun- little did they know the river had different plans. Two men J.D. Varnell and Aaron Huey quickly learned that debris in the river can form deadly traps. When Varnell became trapped and tangled in a fallen tree, his friend Huey held his head above water while a major rescue operation got underway. Larry Bullard's been with Mesa County Search and Rescue Team for 10 years. He says typically it's the unprepared tubers that find themselves in deep water. Rescue operations can cost thousands of dollars, but a life is priceless- and that's why Larry says to always have a float plan, be alert and suspicious of surroundings, never go alone, and always where a life jacket. Bringing your cell phone along in a waterproof container is always a good idea as well, just in case of an emergency.