Dems and Republicans At Odds In Denver

Illegal immigration is at the forefront of a special session in Denver for lawmakers, however so far, Democrats and Republicans are not seeing eye to eye on the issue.
While both sides are pushing for legislation to prohibit non–emergency, tax–based services to illegal immigrants, the debate is whether to pass a bill or have the issue decided upon by the voters.
On Saturday morning, SB 1 was killed on a party line vote by democrats looking to pass reform now rather than waiting until November for the voters to decide.
The special session was called by Governor Bill Owens after the U.S. Supreme Court rejected Initiative 55, which would have restricted non–emergency public services in Colorado to citizens and legal residents, but does not prohibit services to illegal immigrants under the age of 18.
Five proposals were defeated Friday night during the special session and the issue has caused a rift between parties.
Despite partisan politics, both sides are hopeful that when the session ends in the next couple of days.
A measure on illegal immigration will be put onto the November ballot for the voters to decide upon.