Lost Dog Finds His Way Home

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It's a story suited for the big screen, but one an Olathe family experienced in real life.

The Haga's have two loving daughters, Isabelle and Olivia. And then there's Scooby, their quirky but lovable blood hound they got from the animal shelter.

On April 27th, John was on his way back from Grand Junction where he dropped the girls off at their grandparents; when he decided to take Scooby on a hike in the Escalante Canyon area. But Scooby had other plans in mind. As soon as John opened the trunk- Scooby bolted before John could get a leash on the dog. John drove up and down the dirt road, but there was no sign of Scooby. He and his family were devastated by Scooby's disappearance.

The Haga's searched three days for Scooby - and made some calls; but there was no sign or report of the lost dog. And sure enough, after more than two months of being on the run; Scooby somehow wondered back to his home in Olathe. And the family couldn't be happier to have him home.

Other than being a little thin - and getting a porcupine quill in his eye, which he will have surgery for this Tuesday, Scooby is doing fine.