Grand Junction Man Still Missing In California

Search and rescue teams in San Bernardino, CA, are still looking for a 21-year-old college student who grew up in the Grand Valley. Family members have gone to the Big Bear Lake region of California to join the San Bernardino Sheriff's Office in the search for Landon Orcutt, but as the search continues, those who know are still wondering why he disappeared in the first place.

Orcutt is a 2002 graduate of Grand Junction High School and a good student who's going into his senior year at Vanguard University in California. He wants to either go into teaching or the ministry when graduating, so when he turned up missing more than a week ago, family and friends weren't just concerned, they were also confused. Adding to the confusion, police reports indicate that a suicide note was found in Orcutt's abandoned vehicle, saying that he had defied Christ and was going to hell.

Family and friends say the 21-year-old had direction and a strong mind
and never considered him as someone with suicidal tendencies. Those who know Orcutt say he did frequent the Big Bear area and are praying that he will turn up safe and return to the Grand Valley.

Officials with the San Bernardino Sheriff's Office say the Big Bear region is vast, so hope is still alive and the searches will continue until Orcutt is found. Anyone with information on Orcutt's whereabouts is asked to contact the San Bernardino Sheriff's Office at 909-866-0156.