Rafting Teens Turn Up Safe After Massive Search

Two teens believed missing along the Colorado River turn up unharmed hours after search and rescue teams are dispatched Tuesday afternoon. After getting their plastic children's wading pool caught in a nestle of trees, the boy and girl apparently climbed onto the shore and left the Corn Lake area by car. Once the search got underway late this afternoon, authorities were contacted by two different boaters who had spoken with the teens and after some detective work, Mesa County Sheriff's Deputies were able to track one of the teens to verify that they were all right. As it turns out the boy was actually hanging out at the mall when contacted.

Several factors, aside from having an unsuitable watercraft, contributed to the large rescue response. More than 25 personnel were involved in the search, which included the sheriff's office, search and rescue dive teams, the national parks service and were also aided by a surveillance plane.