Missing a Shot at Hunting

Rifle hunting season is locked and loaded, but some hunting hopefuls may not get a shot at this season.

Each year Colorado issues about 300,000 Big Game licenses, but in order to get a license and hunt in Colorado, one needs to take a hunter education class first. Colorado Division of Wildlife’s Northwest Regional Office Spokesman Randy Hampton says this has been a requirement since 1970, but still people wait until the last minute.
Well now because of the growth in the Grand Valley, the education classes in Grand Junction are packed and have wait-lists.

Rifle Combined Deer and Elk Hunting season ends November 16th, the next class offered in Grand Junction isn’t until December 8th. There are however two crash courses, one on October 30th and one October 31st in Grand Junction; but these classes only validate a hunter for one year.

To meet the demand of new hunting hopefuls the DOW is adding nine instructors to the four it already has. Hampton encourages those who want to hunt in Colorado and haven’t already taken the course, to not wait until hunting season and take it in the Spring or Summer.

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