Man Threatened Over Yard Signs

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A local man with several political signs in his yard is being threatened. An anonymous letter he received says to take the signs down or pay the consequences.

Willy Segeth, a 30 year veteran and resident of the Redlands has two signs in his yard. "I wouldn't mind if somebody take my sign away, i get me another one, there is no problem but when he threatened to damage my property or calls me a (expletive)."
We can't say what name the letter calls Segeth is, but here is what the letter says.

"Dear Neighbor,

You can advocate for your party without being a troublemaker and a (expletive)! You are looking for trouble and property damage with signs like yours. Grow up! Take your sign down now or face the consequences. Freedom of speech does not allow you to incite trouble with others.
A Nearby neighbor."

Segeth says, "I think this was too far." The Grand Junction Police are investigating. Police spokesperson Kate Porras says, "right now this particular case is borderline harassment."

The letter didn't have a return address. Segeth says, "that shows me that this guy has no back bone."

And while the letter is signed a nearby neighbor Segeth believes it's not anyone close by. As for facing the consequences police say, "if they were certainly were to follow through on anything that they eluded to in the letter that could be a criminal action."
Segeth says, "we are in America its freedom of speech he can do anything as long as he don't harm nobody and what the letter reads that goes to far... and if this guy wants to see me come see me... i will not take the sign off no way."

Police say they are investigating the letter and that at this point in time no laws have been broken.