Seven Injured In Lightning Strike

A 15–year–old from eastern Kansas is in critical but stable condition after two parties of hikers in the high peaks east of Marble were hit by lightning yesterday.

Seven people were a quarter–way up the 1,850–foot Arkansas Mountain when they stopped to rest under a tree. The strike went down the tree and into a 15–year–old leaning against the trunk.

One local adventurer says being away from shelter in a storm is scary, but there are some things that can enhance safety for hikers-like keeping that foam pad handy. Allyson Connally of Summit Canyon Mountaineering in Grand Junction says hikers caught in a lighning storm should use their foam pad-even their backpack as insulation from the ground. She says you should squat on the pad or pack and keep your elbows close to your chest, with your hands covering your head.

The young man hit by lightning Monday had to be revived twice at the location, but was talking to rescuers when they arrived. Others in the party were treated and released. A dog was killed by the lightning.