Bear That Attacked Camper Still On Loose

So far the bruin that swiped at a camper on the Grand Mesa has proven smarter than the average bear.

Sunday morning a woman sleeping in a tent at Jumbo Lakes was awakened by a bear poking its' head in her tent. The startled bruin took a swipe at the woman, who suffered gashes on her leg.

So far several attempts at trapping the bear have proven fruitless even though the animal has been seen in the area. Division of Wildlife spokesperson Randy Hampton says the animal may have been drawn to the camp by improper storage of bear–attracting items, as there was a bar-be-que grill next to the tent. Biologists advise keeping cooking and sleeping areas 200 feet apart when possible.

Hampton says the bear will be put down when caught because it may be the same one causing trouble at nearby Powderhorn Resort. He also says that a poor acorn crop this year may send bears into the valley in search of food.