Local Man Receives Stem Cell Transplant

A Montrose man is counting on a stem cell transplant to keep his cancer at bay, and he's hoping the President's veto will not hinder research efforts. In 2002 Montrose Daily Press Publisher Steve Woody was diagnosed with Non–Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Woody says it changed his life. Instead of focusing on work, all of the sudden he had to put all his energy into chemo–therapy. But it paid off and in June of 2003 Woody beat his cancer into remission. Then he was left to decide between taking his chances, or a stem cell transplant.

Woody opted for the transplant and headed off to the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center in Seattle. There he took part in a clinical trial of just 20 patients. Where doctors removed some of his stem cells. Woody says the stem cells were treated with a medicine which will recognize cancer when it comes back and then it will target those cancer cells and hopefully eliminate them.

Woody's transplant was in October of 2003 and three years later- so far so good. Woody believes stem cell research holds the key to extending and saving lives which have been ravaged by disease. Woody leads a local support group for cancer survivors every second Thursday of each month.