A Look Into The Life Of A Bounty-Hunter

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It's a risky, 24 hour a day job. And that job is a bounty hunter. And for Dean Herdengrader, it is a perfect fit. He was born and raised in Montrose, and went with a friend to become a certified bounty hunter by the state. Shortly after that he started issuing bonds, and he found that he could make a living by bailing people out of jail.

Dean Herdengrader says he's a successful bondsman, because of his laid back attitude. Which also helps keep his stress level down, and that can be difficult when someone does not show up to court. Which is exactly when his job as a bounty hunter begins. If someone jumps bond, it is Dean's responsibility to find the runner. If he is not successful, he is out the money that was posted.

Dean uses several different tactics when it comes to finding a runner
those include making phone calls to family members or employers, driving hundreds of miles and sometimes using physical force.

As a bounty hunter, he is certified to bring in the accused without an arrest warrant.