Buescher Concedes Close Race Against Bradford

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A close race for house district 55 ended Wednesday morning as incumbent Bernie Buescher announced his concession.

At a press conference Wednesday morning Buescher said, "About an hour ago I called Laura Bradford congratulating her... I will go forward and do anything I can to make Laura Bradford successful as the next state representative from House District 55."

While the mood at the court house was subdued, across town at Bradford headquarters it was a different story as supporters cheered and toasted Bradford's win. Bradford says she is humbled by her win but that it was her policies that put her ahead in the polls.

"People are not in a frame of mind of taxing themselves and I think that says true for me because I ran on a low and no tax platform and I'm going to stick to that." Bradford told her supporters she will go to Denver and fight for tax relief for small business while enhancing local oil and gas opportunities. Bradford said, "That's where our jobs are here and that's what's keeping people in there homes, that's what's making them spend money at the grocery store and being able to put gas in the cars."

Buescher says of his time in office he is proud of his work on Senate Bill 218; the allocation of federal mineral lease revenues and House Bill 1391; providing support to children of child abuse. But for Buescher some things are left unfinished.
Buescher says, "I hope that someone goes forward with the bill on DNA. I hope someone goes forward with a bill on assault on pregnant women."

Buescher says for now he plans to spend time with his children and look into volunteer work.