Emotional Election

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Election day has come and gone but emotions are linger still many voters.

Dr. Justin Gollob is an assistant professor of political science at Mesa State says that the diversity of the candidates, the diversity of the issues and the last 8 years of the Bush administration has created what he calls a "perfect storm of emotions." An Obama supporter says when the announcement was made on Election night she cried "tears of happiness,” A McCain supporter also cried but not tears of joy, she says, “I cried, I just don't feel secure."

Emotional responses to the election as different as the candidates, but why have people let this get so deep into their heads and their hearts?
Gollop says that "no matter which way you shake it, it's going to bring up a range of emotions and depending on how you're looking at the campaign and how you felt vested in that campaign."

A historical election that captures the attention of not only America but the entire world bringing out happiness and hope in some and disappointment and fear in others. Gollob says that it's important that Barack Obama keeps up the momentum with his supporters when he is sworn in, but he also needs to prove to his opponents that he can implement effective policies and help solve some of the major issues plaguing our country.

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