Crews Gaining Upper Hand On Spring Fire As New Blazes Burn

Things are looking good at this hour for crews fighting the Spring fire, even though other fires have popped up following a string of thunderstorms that swept the high country around the Grand Valley last night.

Early this afternoon two smokejumpers parachuted into another small fire two miles east of the Spring fire. That's just one of at least six that have cropped up locally since last night according to this afternoon's blm fire status report.

Thunderstorms also fueled the Spring fire yesterday. At 4pm the fire was listed at 150 acres, but a nearby thunderstorm blew in and it didn't take long for the fire to grow to 14–hundred acres.

Commanders hve been using air tankers to keep the fire from climbing a nearby plateau, saying that if the fire reached the top it could take off in heavy fuels, searing thousands of additional acres and threatening ranches on DS Road.

So far crews have 40 per cent containment on the biggest fire in Mesa County so far this year. Assuming nothing changes incident commanders say the fire could be fully contained by tomorrow night.