Plans For Grand Valley Lake Move Forward

Water is one of our state's most precious resources. There's a group of people from the Western Slope pushing to preserve that resource with a significant sized reservoir in mesa county.

The proposed Grand Valley Lake would cover two thousand surface acres and include 200–thousand acre feet of water on mostly BLM land on East Orchard Mesa. To put that in prospective it would be two–thirds the size of Dillon Reservoir in Summit County and 10 times the size of Highline Lake in Loma.

The water to the lake would flow through a 60 mile aqueduct from the Gunnison River below the confluence of the North Fork in Delta County. The lake would provide recreation and wildlife opportunities as well be a source for hydroelectric power. However, it's main purpose would be to store water for future generations.

The organizers of the Grand Valley Lake want to take their proposal before a number of water round table discussions to generate interest for funding feasibility studies. The first of those round table discussions is happening Monday in Glenwood Springs.