Delta City Manager On Verge Of Dismissal

Political waves erupt in Delta, as newly elected city council members are suddenly asking for the city manager to resign.

A majority council member tells 11 News the initiative to have City Manager Dale Hukle dismissed has come abruptly and will no doubt leave the council divided. Having formerly worked for Delta's Chamber of Commerce, Hukle has been in office since October and although Senior Council Member Jim Berger says all five members agreed to evaluate Hukle this October after a year of service, he says at least two of the newly elected councilors, who were sworn in in April, have side–stepped that agreement and are pushing for immediate dismissal.

Hukle says he was involved in a private meeting with Delta Mayor Bill Suelle and one other council member last week. The current city manager was offered a three–month severance package to resign, but refused.

Council will meet Tuesday to discuss and vote on Hukle's status and while Hukle believes government in Delta needs stability, he also believes his dismissal will have a negative impact on the city and is not sure what to expect.