Controversy Surrounds Delta's City Manager's Dismissal

Despite its controversial nature, Delta's city manager was dismissed by city council members Tuesday, citing lack of qualifications and although it wasn't a public forum, many residents did voice their opinions on the dismissal of City Manager Dale Hukle.

Because of the large turnout, the meeting was moved from city hall to the city's rec center. The discussion was somewhat heated between the supporting council members and the ones leaning towards dismissal. Hukle supporter Jim Berger told the crowd that council had agreed to review the city manager in October, which would mark a year in service. However, the decision to dismiss passed 3–2 and after the meeting a number of opinions came out, from a council division to Hukle's managing style.

Delta Mayor Bill Suelle tells 11 News his convictions are based strictly on Hukle's qualifications. He says a city manager must have either a degree in public administration, or at least five years of service, adding that Hukle has neither.

Following the decision, several audience members yelled out that a recall election will be looked at and talking to Mayor Suelle, he says he is sticking with his guns, believing the decision was right and will accept the recall if acted upon.