Living On Purpose, Life Coach Helps Woman Move in Right Direction

Coaches aren't just on the sidelines or on the court. They're guiding us in our everyday lives as life coaches.

A year ago, Amanda Garrison was on the fast track to being promoted at work. It was a promotion she believed she truly wanted. So she did what many people are doing these days, she went to a life coach to help her step into the new position.

Through sessions with Life Coach Sheri Fisher, Garrison began to realize the promotion was not what she really wanted. She found out that it didn't go along with her values. Garrison now has a new goal. She is going back to school to get her teaching degree and says her passion is now in-line with her goals.

Life coaching isn't like seeing a therapist or counselor. Fisher says her and Garrison worked together to set goals and then Garrison came up with steps she was going to take to achieve them and Fisher held her accountable.

There's no advice giving or focusing on the past with life coaching. You simply look at what's important to you and where you want to go.

These days Garrison says she feels better about her life and where it's headed. Garrison says she couldn't have done it alone and is so thankful for the experience.

To contact Life Coach Sheri Fisher call 970-260-3551 or e-mail

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