Montrose School Officials: "We're Pleased with the Processes We Have in Place."

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Montrose School officials are still trying to wrap their heads around the stabbing incident that took place at Montrose High School Tuesday morning. The school says it has a strict policy in place when it comes to visitors on campus.

The school requires that all visitors immediately report to the main office to check in. Officials say all entrances to the school, except the main entrance, are locked so visitors can only come into the school near the main office.

They say in this rare case, it was difficult to tell the suspect did not belong inside the building because he was of high school age.

In spite of that, Linda Gann with the Montrose School District, says the procedures in place worked effectively and quickly Tuesday. She says the entire school was safe and on lockdown within five minutes of the incident, and all 1400 students were safely dismissed from school within the hour.

Gann says at this point, the school district will not be re-evaulating its policy.

"We're pleased with the processes we have in place," said Gann. "Clearly an incident like this provides us all an opportunity to look back on what we could have done, if anything, to prevent this, and what can we do, if anything, in the future to prevent this from happening again."

Montrose High School will reopen Wednesday. Officials say grief counselors will be on hand to talk with students.

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