Students React to Stabbing at Montrose High School

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Students at the school during the stabbing say things just happened in the blink of an eye. One minute Mallory Haulman was standing in the hallway waiting for class, the next minute she was being rushed to the hospital with a stab wound to her neck and police say it was a 14–year–old boy that did it.

One student who spoke with 11 News didn't want to be identified but said this, "I was sitting on the bench and I heard screaming so I looked up and a girl was holding her neck and a bunch of blood all over the place."

Officials say it was a student from another school that walked into the Montrose High School Hallway and stabbed Mallory Haulman.

Another student who also asked not to be identified for fear someone might come after them said about Haulman, "She looked like she was getting ready to drop her books but like she threw them down and her... I don't know... she just like... bleeding really bad and it was like all the way across her throat."

The stabbing took place before class even started on Tuesday the 11th of November, only the front doors to the school were open at the time.

"Everyone just started like flipping out," says the first student.
The second student said about the same thing as well, "Everyone was panicking and saying help her and call someone."

Teachers were able to calm down the students and send them to class then the school went on lock down.

The second student went on to say, "everyone was just screaming for help then they just sent us to our classrooms." Police say they have a suspect in custody and are investigating the case but for these students the events of the morning are something not soon forgotten. The second student told us they are recovering slowly, "Still a little shaky and it keeps replaying in my mind." But their thoughts are with their friend. "I heard she is doing o.k. so we're just hoping for the best."

Montrose High School will reopen tomorrow and the school will make counselors available to all students. Also Tuesday school officials will hold a meeting to talk about the stabbing. The event starts at 7:00 p.m and will be held in the gym at Montrose High School. The public is invited to attend.