Montrose High School to Boost Security for Rest of Week, Will Discuss Future Measures November 17

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Tuesday night, Montrose High School administrators held a community meeting to discuss the steps taken in wake of the stabbing incident, and the steps the school will take the rest of the week to keep their students safe.

Hundreds of parents, students, and faculty members filled the gym at Montrose High School for the meeting Tuesday night.

School administrators told parents exactly what had happened and what steps they took including locking down the school and sending students home for the day.

They said when students return to school Wednesday, extra security precautions will be in place and will remain that way for the rest of the week.

Montrose High School Principal Jill Myers said there will be extra police presence at the school and extra personnel manning school entrances and hallways. She says students will not be allowed to walk around school hallways without faculty supervision. Mental health counselors will also be on site Wednesday to talk to students, and any student going to see one will be escorted there by an adult.

While faculty and parents applauded the way the students handled the situation, several parents expressed concerns that the school did not do a good job communicating with them about what happened and students being sent home.

"They may have acted quickly, but how do we know that?" said Star Taylor, who has a daughter at Montrose High School. "As parents, as outsiders, we didn't know what was going on."

School officials say they tried to get word out as quickly as they could through email, their website, phone, and the media. Before the meeting started, they say they did learn part of their messaging system had crashed during the day, and that could have played a role in the delay.

Officials say they hoped the meeting would help calm the anxiety and send the message that the school will be safe when it opens Wednesday morning.

"It's going to be as safe as we can possibly make it," said Myers. "That's the most important thing here, to keep everyone safe, not only the students but the staff as well."

Officials say they feel the safety policies they have in place worked well Tuesday and are fine the way they are. They did, however, say during the meeting they were open to any comments or suggestions parents on had on ways they could have done better and ways they could potentially improve security in the future. They say they will take up that matter again during a meeting on November 17.

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