24 Road Corridor About To Expand With New Business

It's hard not to notice the heavy construction along the 24 Rd. corridor and it's a sight that means Grand Junction is about to see a jump in retail chain stores opening up, but will this lead to an increase in sales tax revenue for the city?

After months of construction it's close as Grand Junction will soon welcome in two more retail chain stores, proving that the city is not only growing but is becoming a desired retail destination.

Grand Junction is enjoying a healthy economy. Through June 30, more than $19M in sales tax revenue has been generated, a 16 percent increase from a year ago. However, according to the city's administrative service's director, chain stores don't necessarily mean a windfall when it comes to tax-based revenue.

Best Buy, located near Mesa Mall, will be the first of the newest chain stores and besides offering the latest in technology, the store will also help in the job department by hiring about 100 people. Along with Best Buy, a Kohl's store, a new movie theater and several banks are set to open soon, showing that the 24 Rd. corridor is quickly expanding.

The Best Buy is set to open August 4, which will be marked with a Chamber of Commerce ceremony.