Teen Accused Of Murdering Baby In Court

The 17–year–old accused of killing her newborn baby makes her first court appearance Thursday morning. Cheyenne Corbett was advised of her rights, but the defense also wanted to discuss Corbett's bond which is set at $100,000.00.

The defense asked Judge Amanda Bailey to reduce or modify the bond. Her attorney argued that she doesn't have a criminal history, is not a flight risk and has the support of a loving family with whom she would live with. But the prosecution brought to light new findings in the case and argued the bond shouldn't be changed.

With her family in the courtroom looking on, accused murderer Cheyenne Corbett made her first court appearance. When reviewing the 17–year–old's bond, the prosecution was quick to point out the evidence they've collected suggests Corbett knew exactly what she was doing when she allegedly killed her newborn baby.

According to Prosecutor Tammy Eret, Corbett wasn't confused about her pregnancy or the birth. Eret believes Corbett planned to get rid of the baby because she saw the child as an inconvenience. That became apparent to the DA's Office after it was determined many of the statements Corbett gave to authorities, her parents, and medical personnel were later found to be untrue. Some of the lies the prosecutor alleges involve telling her friends that she had miscarried. Another statement that her boyfriend, the baby's father, didn't know about the pregnancy, but in fact friends took the couple to a clinic where the pregnancy was confirmed. After the birth she told officials at Community Hospital she was only five months pregnant and that she had been bleeding heavy and passed tissue, leading medical staff to believe she was having a spontaneous abortion. The girls attorney says she needs mental help and that her actions were in fact those of a scared and confused teenager.

Another point the prosecution brought up is the fact that Corbett's older sister had a child out of wedlock when she was 18 years old, and they say that should have been enough for her to admit to her parents she was pregnant.

Judge Bailey did split Corbett's bond. Half can be payed and co–signed by her parents. Corbett is expected back in court next week. There is no word yet on when Corbett is expected to enter a plea.