Community Weighs In On Baby's Death

Community members weigh in on the first degree murder charge a 17–year–old is facing for allegedly killing her newborn daughter. The prosecution says the teenager knew exactly what she was doing when she killed the baby. That's why they've charged her with first degree murder. A charge which carries a mandatory sentence of life in prison. She had a good home, a loving family, a job- and a baby that didn't fit into the picture according to the District Attorney's Office. Now 17–year–old high school student Cheyenne Corbett stands accused of First Degree Murder. But some community members argue the charge is too much for a teenager while some say she's an adult who knew what she was doing. And the courts agree.

Corbett is being charged as an adult. The DA's office alleges Corbett hide her pregnancy from friends and family by telling lie after lie. They also say that on Saturday she gave birth to a healthy full term baby girl in the shower of her parents home, wrapped the infant in a towel because The DA's Office says she couldn't stand looking at it's face anymore. Then she put it's body in a drawer in her bedroom. The 6.6 lbs. baby girl eventually suffocated. It's a case that has the community talking. Corbett's attorney argues the teen was scared and confused but the prosecution says she had a calculated plan to get rid of her baby.

She's expected back in court next week to set a preliminary hearing. Corbett is being held at the department of youth corrections.
Prosecutor Tammy Eret has not decided whether the teen will be moved into the adult facility.